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What we Do

Full-Service Insurance Defense Investigations

A steady increase in fraudulent claims makes cost control a growing challenge. To meet that challenge, many public and private companies are turning to the advanced services of Infoquest. Established in 1994, we provide a full line of professional investigation and information services for insurance claims defense and business information.

Workers’ Compensation

We specialize in Workers’ Compensation Fraud and Employer Defense. Infoquest can stop your employees from taking advantage of you and the system.

Property & Casualty

Property/Casualty fraud is a growing multibillion-dollar problem and requires tailored solutions to meet the unique challenges faced by insurers. Infoquest is your solution.

Life & Health

Up to 10 percent of the nation’s annual healthcare outlay is lost to fraud and abuse, prompting many payors to investigate suspect claims. Infoquest can help.

Employer Defense

Employers need to plan for, and defend themselves from disruptive and damaging workplace claims of FMLA abuse, discrimination, harassment, and more.


Our core service to develop and document employment, activities, abilities and extent of disability. We discreetly track activities in the field and online.

Medical Canvass

A geographic search of hospitals, pharmacies, specialists and other disciplines for medical records of pre-existing conditions, drug dependence, intervening injuries or general aging issues.

Our Exclusive Services

Infoquest IMS Platform

A comprehensive set of web based tools for communicating all investigative reports, evidence and video on-line.

  • Reduce claim rep resource hours
  • Selectively share information
  • Get accurate data for faster decisions
  • Generate instant management reports
  • Incorporate video job descriptions

WebTAP Internet Investigation

Internet investigators examine the online history of claimants through deep web techniques, uncovering information not found through conventional investigation.

  • Develops employment and activity leads, credibility impeachers and claim motivators
  • National in scope
  • Cost savings through focused surveillance
  • Supports investigative evidence
  • Decreased loss ratio

Video Job Descriptions

Our professionally produced videos accurately depict the physical requirements of specific job functions. Help medical practitioners completely understand the unbiased physical requirements to opine on mechanism-of-injury, lost time days and ability to return to work. Other applications include:

  • Hiring
  • Training & Safety
  • Language Barrier
  • Active Shooter Training
  • Knowledge Retention

We’re a team of professionals, dedicated to your success and protection

Your success is our priority. Talk to us about your issues and concerns, and we will be glad to share our thoughts and recommendations during your free consultation.


A Few Good Reasons You Can Rely on Infoquest

Dedicated Staff Members

We have a substantial staff of full-time, college educated, salaried professionals with years of experience dealing with the legal system.

All Inclusive Rates

Our competitive hourly and daily rates cover all expenses. You are not charged for travel time, mileage, footage, equipment usage, or any other hidden fees.

An Iron Clad Guarantee

We offer an Unconditional Service Guarantee, which states that all our reports must meet with your complete satisfaction.

Outstanding Client Loyalty

An exceptionally high degree of client satisfaction is evidenced by our long association with some of America’s largest and most respected companies.

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