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Social Media Surveillance for FMLA claims

May 14, 2017 @ 3:51 pm
posted by wppadmin

smsffmlac_smSince the FMLA law was passed in 1993, employers have become increasingly concerned about employee abuse, particularly of intermittent leave.

Whether it be a certification for a personal health issue or that of a family member, workers who abuse FMLA create many problems for employers including production and morale, ultimately costing companies significant amounts of money.

Often times employees are found taking vacation, working another job, or doing something other than tending to their health condition or that of a loved one.

The Internet is filled with valuable data points useful to support a case. Employees often post about their vacation, check-in via social apps, tweet, share pics, and other indicators that their reason for absence is questionable.

With our Social Media Surveillance service, we can often predict when an employee is going to take time off before it happens. We watch for patterns and predictors that act as warning flags.

If their activity triggers a warning flag, we alert you immedately.

Why use Social Media Surveillance?

  • Predict when employees may be absent
  • Maximize surveillance results
  • Act on fraudulent leave of absence
  • Send a message that abuse will not be tolerated

Social Media Surveillance can be used stand alone or in conjunction with our other surveillance services.

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