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Reduce “Lost Time” Claims with Clear Video Job Descriptions

October 8, 2014 @ 3:59 pm
posted by admin

Job video prevents lost time claimsPhysicians determine an employee’s ability to work based on their diagnostic testing and exam after an alleged injury. Often times, the worker will exaggerate their injury and disabilities along with the physical demands of their job to avoid returning to work.

Having little or no previous information about the injured worker’s job duties, the physician must rely on a biased job description provided by the injured worker. These written descriptions and analysis can be confusing and difficult to envision.

That’s where InfoQuest technology comes in – we make it fast and easy for a physician to view the injured worker’s exact job duties and physical requirements on video. Rather than bringing the doctor to your business, we bring your business to the doctor.

By linking job videos online, the physician will instantly have accurate information to determine if the injured worker is capable of returning to work. Watch your lost time days diminish with InfoQuest’s state-of-the-art system for distributing accurate, unbiased information. It’s fast, easy and convenient.

Other benefits include mechanism of injury arguments, strengthening surveillance video, training and more.

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