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Protect Your Company from Termination Retaliation

May 7, 2017 @ 10:42 pm
posted by wppadmin

TERPS-tempWhen an employee gets fired, laid off, or otherwise terminated, they often feel a need for revenge or retaliation against a former employer, supervisor or co-worker. This is an increasing and a real concern for many companies of all sizes.

Infoquest Termination Retaliation Protection Surveillance (TRPS) provides surveillance of terminated employees to guard against retaliation or sabotage.

According to federal statistics, there were 1.5 million workplace assaults in 2012, taking the lives of about 450 people. Its lingering effects have destroyed successful businesses, well-intentioned leaders and entire families.

In addition, business owners who do nothing are increasingly being held liable for not making their premises safe for employees and customers.

Protect your company and employees by placing the terminated employee under 24/7 surveillance. We will closely monitor him/her for any signs of violence or sabatoge, working closely with law enforcement and immediately notifying you of any potential danger.

Ask us about how to protect your company from violence and lawsuits before, during, and after a potentially violent termination.

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