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Social Media Surveillance for FMLA claims

May 14, 2017 @ 3:51 pm
posted by wppadmin

smsffmlac_smSince the FMLA law was passed in 1993, employers have become increasingly concerned about employee abuse, particularly of intermittent leave.

Whether it be a certification for a personal health issue or that of a family member, workers who abuse FMLA create many problems for employers including production and morale, ultimately costing companies significant amounts of money.

Often times employees are found taking vacation, working another job, or doing something other than tending to their health condition or that of a loved one.

The Internet is filled with valuable data points useful to support a case. Employees often post about their vacation, check-in via social apps, tweet, share pics, and other indicators that their reason for absence is questionable.

With our Social Media Surveillance service, we can often predict when an employee is going to take time off before it happens. We watch for patterns and predictors that act as warning flags.

If their activity triggers a warning flag, we alert you immedately.

Why use Social Media Surveillance?

  • Predict when employees may be absent
  • Maximize surveillance results
  • Act on fraudulent leave of absence
  • Send a message that abuse will not be tolerated

Social Media Surveillance can be used stand alone or in conjunction with our other surveillance services.


Protect Your Company from Termination Retaliation

May 7, 2017 @ 10:42 pm
posted by wppadmin

TERPS-tempWhen an employee gets fired, laid off, or otherwise terminated, they often feel a need for revenge or retaliation against a former employer, supervisor or co-worker. This is an increasing and a real concern for many companies of all sizes.

Infoquest Termination Retaliation Protection Surveillance (TRPS) provides surveillance of terminated employees to guard against retaliation or sabotage.

According to federal statistics, there were 1.5 million workplace assaults in 2012, taking the lives of about 450 people. Its lingering effects have destroyed successful businesses, well-intentioned leaders and entire families.

In addition, business owners who do nothing are increasingly being held liable for not making their premises safe for employees and customers.

Protect your company and employees by placing the terminated employee under 24/7 surveillance. We will closely monitor him/her for any signs of violence or sabatoge, working closely with law enforcement and immediately notifying you of any potential danger.

Ask us about how to protect your company from violence and lawsuits before, during, and after a potentially violent termination.


In these difficult economic times. many companies are choosing not to aggressively defend workers’ com­pensation claims – citing budget con­straints, lack of resources to review claims and even lower claim counts. In reality, these actions may be increasing the cost, severity, and frequency of claims.

While many claims are legitimate, studies show that as much as 20% of claims are fraudulent or have elements of fraud. AOE/COE (Arising Out of Employment/Course of Employment) claims in­vestigation is a valuable resource to protect your business from suspect claims.

Benefits of Investigation
Most employers find measurable results in three key areas:

  • Reduction In First Report Of Injury
  • Faster Claim Resolution With Less Cost
  • Minimized Claim Confusion And Delay.

Contact us today for more detail on how Infoquest AOE/COE Investigation Services can help you on your next case.


InfoQuest Now Offers K9 Drug Detection

October 7, 2015 @ 2:56 am
posted by admin

Drug users in the workplace function at a lower capacity, and almost 50% of workplace accidents are related to drug use. InfoQuest now offers K9 Drug Detection to help combat drugs in the workplace, and build evidence against fraud cases.

Here are some quick facts:

  • 9.4 million American workers are current users (15-17% of all employees)
  • Users are 10x more likely to miss work
  • Alcohol & drug abuse cost an estimated $81 billion in lost productivity annually
  • Abusers function at 67% of their capacity
  • 47% of workplace accidents & 40% of fatalities related to drug/alcohol use
  • Users cost 2x as much in medical claims

Courts have ruled that K9 sniffs do not constitute a search (air is free) and dog sniffs do not violate 4th amendment rights. If you suspect drug use may be a contributing factor in your workplace performance and medical claims, InfoQuest can help.


Job video prevents lost time claimsPhysicians determine an employee’s ability to work based on their diagnostic testing and exam after an alleged injury. Often times, the worker will exaggerate their injury and disabilities along with the physical demands of their job to avoid returning to work.

Having little or no previous information about the injured worker’s job duties, the physician must rely on a biased job description provided by the injured worker. These written descriptions and analysis can be confusing and difficult to envision.

That’s where InfoQuest technology comes in – we make it fast and easy for a physician to view the injured worker’s exact job duties and physical requirements on video. Rather than bringing the doctor to your business, we bring your business to the doctor.

By linking job videos online, the physician will instantly have accurate information to determine if the injured worker is capable of returning to work. Watch your lost time days diminish with InfoQuest’s state-of-the-art system for distributing accurate, unbiased information. It’s fast, easy and convenient.

Other benefits include mechanism of injury arguments, strengthening surveillance video, training and more.


The Internet is essentially a giant database, overflowing with data points about individuals. Almost everyone has commented on a blog, made a post in a forum, or registered at Facebook or Flickr. The Internet is filled with opportunities to create a profile, providing us with valuable data points useful to support a case.

The Infoquest WebTAP service uses experienced Internet investigators to examine the online history of your claimants through deep web techniques. We typically uncover information not found through conventional investigative methods, as a Google search only provides a very small amount of the online information waiting to be uncovered.

Our deep internet search also includes criminal, civil litigation, bankruptcy, business and other online recording databases. Once we find activity, we conduct a full WebTAP report, giving you all of our findings in a clear and concise reporting format.

Contact us today for more detail on how Infoquest WebTAP can help you on your next case.


InfoQuest IMS 2.0 Launched

March 7, 2013 @ 4:10 am
posted by admin

InfoQuest IMS 2.0 is the result of years of using and refining a product to meet our client’s needs. Originating from the knowledge and experience of professional investigators, we are confident that our latest platform is second to none – offering you advanced features to help organize investigations, photos, videos, statements, documents and more – even on the go. All with added functionality, improved security, and expanded reporting capabilities.

Some new features include:

  • Video Key Frames so you can jump to key moments in video footage, so doctors and lawyers can see key information in seconds.
  • Case Details can be submitted and viewed through the new tool.
  • Activity Log is now entered and viewed in real-time, and sends instant email notifications.
  • Document Center gathers all photos, audio and documents in one place for easy viewing.
  • Surveillance Notes are easily searched and edited in place.
  • All New Dynamic Database making data retrieval as fast as possible.

…And much more! Call or email to day to see a live demo of the new system, or to start using it for your InfoQuest case files.

If you have already been registered for the new sytem, you can access it here:

Customers who have not been converted to the new system, or need to access old case files, you will need to log into the old IMS system here: