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about us

Infoquest, Ltd. was established in 1994, providing investigation and information services for the purpose of insurance claims defense and business information. The founding and managing partners have decades of experience in the industry.

We offer a full array of investigation and verification services to clients in the area of workers’ compensation, property & casualty claims, life & health claims, FMLA, employee theft, non-compete, short & long term disability and general business information.

A few more good reasons to work with InfoQuest:

Dedicated staff members. We have a substantial, experienced investigative staff of full-time, college-educated, salaried professionals.

All-inclusive rates. Our competitive hourly and daily rates cover all expenses.  You’re not charged for travel time, mileage, film or use of equipment, or other out-of-pocket costs.

Advanced Technology. We’ve developed our own Investigative Management System (IMS) suite of web-based tools to save time and improve results.

An ironclad guarantee. We offer an Unconditional Service Guarantee, which states that all of our reports must meet with your complete satisfaction.

Outstanding client loyalty. An exceptionally high degree of client satisfaction is evidenced by our long association with some of America’s largest and most respected companies.