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About our new IMS 2.0 platform
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About our IMS Platform

Infoquest’s proprietary Investigative Management System provides a more sophisticated, more cost-efficient environment for claims investigation and verification processes.

Built with features reflecting insights gained through years of hands-on claims experience, our Investigative Management System (IMS) is a comprehensive set of Web-based tools for accelerating communication and selectively sharing information.

Our system:

  • Reduces claim rep resource hours with fast, easy online access to current and past reports, video footage, investigation status and other information.
  • Provides more accurate data, minimizing mis-communication and rework time and costs.
  • Permits faster, collaborative decision-making by keeping all parties simultaneously informed.
  • Generates instant management reports for a clearer understanding of investigative costs and results for multiple categories, thus better overall supervision and more fully informed clients.
  • Saves time, space and money by eliminating paper, mail and VHS/DVD storage.
  • Incorporates video job descriptions-our innovative screening, assessment and treatment tool-to help practitioners and hearing officers better understand an employee’s specific job requirements.