Protecting the Best Companies from Fraudulent Claims

Workers' Compensation

We specialize in Workers' Compensation Fraud and Employer Defense. InfoQuest can stop your employees from taking advantage of you and the system.

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Property & Casualty

Property/Casualty fraud is a growing multibillion-dollar problem and requires tailored solutions to meet the unique challenges faced by insurers. InfoQuest is your solution.

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Life & Health

Up to 10 percent of the nation’s annual healthcare outlay is lost to fraud and abuse, prompting many payors to investigate suspect claims. InfoQuest can help.

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About our new IMS 2.0 platform
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InfoQuest Investigative Services

A steady increase in fraudulent and inflated claims, driven by tighter credit restrictions, rising consumer prices and unemployment fears, is making the task of controlling costs an ever-greater challenge. To meet that challenge, more and more insurance firms, self-insured companies, TPAs, Workers' Compensation agencies and other entities are turning to the advanced technical resources and proven, professional services of InfoQuest.

Our Special Investigative Unit provides Investigative Case Management services to employers, claim examiners and approved investigative vendors throughout the country, enabling them to conduct timely, consistent, and cost-effective investigations.  

Whatever the nature of the service we're providing–whether it's surveillance in a Workers' Comp case, a criminal litigation background investigation for a P&C company, or a contestable death investigation for a life insurance firm–we operate at the highest level of professionalism.  In addition, we place strong emphasis on clear, continuous communication with our clients.

We work with the largest Fortune 500 companies across the country, providing best-in-class investigative services from our team of seasoned experts.